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Appassionante are an Italian musical trio recognized as the first female group of opera-pop crossover in the world, consisting of Giorgia Villa light soprano, Mara Tanchis dramatic soprano and Stefania Francabandiera spinto soprano.


Appassionante established themselves on the international scene very quickly thanks to their unique style which fuses different musical genres together such as opera, sacred, pop, classical, epic, neapolitan, rock, musicals, bolero, folk and flamenco, among others. 

Additionally, thanks to their performances of iconic songs such as Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma”, Albinoni’s “Adagio”, De Curtis’s “Torna a Sorrento”, R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”, Queen’s “The Show Must Go On”, as well as their own original compositions such as “Salve”, “Sete”, “Memories of You”, “You and Me” and “Apasionante” (their first song in Spanish); and finally to musical theater songs like “The Phantom of the Opera”, “Memory” and “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” by Andrew Lloyd Webber; and “I Dreamed a Dream” by Claude Michel Schönberg.


Let’s not forget how the three artists are involved in the social and in the community: they are always there during events about "Violence against Women".

Here are a few participations in Italy: La Kore-Oscar de la Moda 2006 in the breathtaking scenario of the Teatro Greco in Taormina; Premio Cultura Nel Mondo award in 2017;  “Ambassadors of the Italian culture in the world” award in the TV show Unomattina (RaiUno); 2017 also marks their participation and performance at the official ceremony of the XXI Premio Nazionale di Teatro Luigi Pirandello in the presence of the Italian President Sergio Mattarella; Performance at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome and for the Mediaset press conference in occasion of the soccer World Cup 2018; Special guests in the TV show Matrix Chiambretti in April 2018; Part of the cast of #CR4 La Repubblica delle Donne, a prime time TV Show on Rete4 season 2018-2019. They have been part of #CR4 La Repubblica delle Donne, a prime time TV show airing on Rete4 for the whole 2019 and 2020 TV seasons with unforgettable songs like "La cura", "Che bambola", "Bella ciao"...



Appassionante are made up of Giorgia, Mara and Stefania, three singers that with their unique differences and ability to fuse colored tessituras between their voices, capture all of the passion and energy of Italian lyrical music by blending elegance and femininity, and tradition with modernity.

All started in Rome in 2002, from the vision of the Italian producer Mauro Borzellino and his label Overlook Italia. The idea was to create a crossover genre based on classic-pop and performed by three Mediterranean women, three very skilled lyrical singers.

This unusual mix between lyrical music and pop music immediately generated interest and curiosity: the three girls soon started to perform in many festival and shows; since then they started touring Italy and the world showing their own uniqueness. Their unquestionable scenic and esthetic presence is emphasized and enriched thanks to the co-operation with the Italian fashion stylist Marella Ferrera who has shaped and modelled their esthetic essence by evoking the '500, the era when corset as a costume and opera as a musical genre were born.

Giorgia Villa

Born in Frosinone, Italy. Her first contact with lyrical singing was at the National Academy of St Cecilia in Rome, followed by London where she lived for four years while specializaing in classical and modern singing.

Mara Tanchis


Born and raised in Sardegna, Italy. She studied lyrical singing at the Bologna Conservatory and then at the National Academy of St Cecilia. She started taking lessons under the direction of the popular Italian mezzo-soprano Bruna Baglioni.

Stefania Francabandiera

Born in Apulia, Italy. She studied lyrical singing at the Conservatory of Music “Niccolò Piccinni” of Bari and then graduated in modern singing from the CET (European Center of Toscolano), a prestigious school of integral art under the direction of Mogol, with whom she worked for several years.





Their Rise to Fame

From Appassionante’s very first appearance, thanks to their originality and style, their success was immediate. They have been on several TV shows and have performed live all around the world.


In December of 2005, the collaboration between Overlook Italia and German label Maxi Media Company led to the release of their debut album entitled “Appassionante”, which sold more than 100,000 copies across Europe. On July 17th, 2006 in South Africa, the album quickly jumped to the Top 10 ranking of best sellers in just a few weeks, allowing them to play a series of concerts in Johannesburg. The same thing happened in Singapore with the launch of a special edition.


Towards the end of 2005, they began collaborating with the Italian fashion designer “Marella Ferrera”, whose unique style and fashion completed the trio’s look that we have come to know today.


They released their second album “Salve” on April 24th, 2008 in Italy, which contains the single 'Help' written for UNICEF Germany.The album was then released in Germany on July 25th, followed by Austria and Switzerland, later in South Africa, Singapore, and finally in the United States.

Since 2010, they have been “Testimonial of UNICEF” Germany.


Between the years 2010 to 2012 they were “Testimonial of Airberlin Airlines” around the world, recording the exclusive single 'Wings' just for them. On March 10th, 2010 in Berlin, a press conference was held for the presentation of the group as a promotional image of the airline. The “Air Berlin” events and concerts were held around the world, taking the group to Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Milan, Vienna, Rome, Zurich, Cologne, Monaco, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Miami, New York, Dubai, Bonn, Palma de Mallorca, Israel, Switzerland and numerous other places around the world.


On May 6th, 2011 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the compilation album “Passion” was released, which contains the single 'Wings' distributed by Warner Music.


In April of 2017, their fourth album “Nell’aria”. This album saw the rise of the 'CrossOpera' style merging original compositions of Appassionante with “Arias” from the Italian Opera repertorie.

On May the 16th 2020, Appassionante has released "Piccoli Frammenti", a collection of songs fragments that goes over and re-cap most of the performances of the three artists during #CR4 La Repubblica delle Donne, an Italian prime time TV show



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